Friday, September 5, 2008

First Post

Sorry we've been slacking with keeping an updated online account of our happenings at Zombie Bikes. We took a step back, looked at what our neighbors at Burro were doing, and decided to mimic them with starting our own Blogger account. Easy to both update and access--and free to use--we hope this will work out better than our old website.

We get a lot of questions about Zombie, and I'm hoping we were able to answer the majority of them on the right. As far as the schedule goes for this weekend:
we will be open today (Friday) until 8pm
Saturday 11-5
Sunday 3-7, Bike Polo @ 4
along with our first potluck @ 7

We'll have next week's schedule up by Tuesday.

the Zombie Kids


ToughJunkie said...

Yo. Can ya send me this picture please??????

Thanks and chicks rock!

and Junkie leaves

info said...

Where are you located and do you have a phone number? I have a fairly good condition kids bike that I would like to donate.


Thank-you so much for your interest!

We are located at 1520 N. Main, our phone service is temporarily down but you can reach us either through
Cherri's cell @ 904.307.2451
or Joe's cell @ 904.294.7744

Lianne said...
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info said...

Great, I will give you guys a shout the week to see about getting the bike to you. I tried to maintain the bike as best I could and it still has good rubber on the tires and the brakes still work although it probably needs some new pads front and back. I would love to learn some more in depth maintenance to 1. help maintain my bikes, and 2. help you guys out in return. I guess call it a intern-ship.

I think this is a great idea you have going. I saw the link on Bike Jax's site, and I will spread the word.

Philip Ramsey said...

Looking good, folks!