Sunday, November 21, 2010

SHOW US YOUR WHIPS, bicycle ride in & bbq & Tall Bike Jousting Tournament

It's on like Donkey Kong! First Jax Tall Bike Jousting Tournament! Thats right bring out your tall bikes, or ride one of our Zombie Talls at the SHOW US YOUR WHIPS, bicycle ride in & bbq, and show us your skills with a lance. There will also be whip lash, 6 pack attack, and some other sick games weve concocted. So, roll out on the 27th to TSI, and bring your A game, cause were getting Rowdy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre-pre fest show!

Theo Grizol and Ryan Wood (from defiance Ohio) with Toby Foster (Athens, GA)
Born in a Cent (Brooklyn NY)
Antique Animals

Afterwards well be off to the Pre-FEst show at the Sinclair and Mid-night mass its gonna be a fun night...
and bike polo..

TOnight 6:30 to 9:30

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ladies Night!

Thats right, no boys allowed for this one. Miss Mariah has graciously volunteered to host the first ever ladies night at Zombie. So if you wanna come down work on your bike, or just chill with the gals Thurs Sept. 23rd is your night. From 6-8p.m. Mariah will be opening up the doors and giving some guidance. Afterward there is some Bike polo and mass open to all. So, grab your bikes and Let's Keep it Wheel.

Friday, September 17, 2010

*NEW* Set Shop Hours

Tue 12-4
Thurs 12-4
Fri 1-6
Sat 1-6

Friday, June 25, 2010

BMX Double feature part 2 This Saturday!


CUTS is Animal's newest video. tech street with good music. it's a long one.
BONEDETH is coming back because Matt likes zombie girls and people falling off buildings.

grind box and things. movies start at 8:30pm sharp. you're an adult, you can be on time. or show up early and hang out/shred? byob. rain or shine.


Friday, May 21, 2010

What's Up

Sorry for the slacking Bury Your Bike 3 wore me out. But, it was a blast and a half. Total tally and were gonna give a + or - on most of these numbers cause I'll be honest we were wasted but here goes the best bet: 12 Bands, 8 Kegs, 144 Magic Hats, 1 Pallet drome, hundreds of Natural light, and Red Bull, and whetever else you crazy kids brought, oh yeah 100 crazy kids, and on and on ...

Thank you so much everyone for comin down and chillin at the new space, dancin your asses off, and having a good ol fashion badass time. Hopefully we will have the shop in full swing soon with some real hours and some good shows.

-Keep it Wheel

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bury Your Bike: Dates and Details

So, the Zombie kids have been talking and we've decided on some specs for Bury your bike 3. So here it goes.

May 5
Burro Bags grand reopening(224 e. forsyth st. / Artwalk potential of dance parties, free Booze and good times all around.

May 6
Midnight Mass pre-show( 8p.m. 74 Sound system will be spinning records up in the tree house @ Underbelly 1021 Park st 32204 )/ Midnight Mass meet at cummer Museum parking lot (860 Riverside ave)

May 7
8p.m. Pass the mic and bike. Starts at Zencog (883 Stockton St.)

So far PAss the Mic and Bike bands are
National Dairy
and Mayhaps 20 weight
Tough Junkie

May 8
We just got word that Thou of New Orleans shall be kicking off our saturday, with Civilization at Zombie @ Noon. 1p.m. Scavenger hunt begins @ Zombie Bikes Polo starts at 2p.m. and keeps going till the sun goes down. . 8p.m. Bikes, Bands, and Booze. MAin event. Tall bike jousting, Bangarang, whiplash. Close it up with some sweet jams via Nick Fresh.

May 9
Bloody Mary Brunch noon ands T.B.A. @ Springfield garden 1151 main st. 2p.m. Polo comp @ Zombie.

If anyone would like to help out over the next two weeks Here's what we need.

Sponsors- Whether its Food, Money, Beer, Prizes, Wood, Beer, Quickcrete. We can use it. We want bury your bike to be a cheap as possible for those coming to have a blast and we will put your name on something. Contact Joe 904-294-7744

Building- We have a polo court to build, ramps, a palletdrome, and the tons of other things to make this thing work. If you have tools, or just a strong back, and the will to help us out lets do it to it. Contact Ian-904-614-2358

Cooking- The Bloody Mary Brunch will be a pot luck. We want to get a crew together to gather food and cook it up sunday morning. Contact Elizabeth 1-717-855-8075

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slaughterama 7 Bikes, Bruises, and Booze

Once again I applaud the cutthroats on putting together another amazing Slaughterama. We played hard, we drank hard, we hurt hard. None of us harder that Ian who after taking a poorly cushioned Jousting pole to the head bled like a sieve, threatened to beat down the whole of Belle Isle, and then during a 6 hour stay in the E.R. Managed to make friends or enemies (it was hard to tell) with an old lady claiming to be crazy as a loon, A pregnant woman who only spoke spanish in which he felt the necessary word to repeat was punta, and every other sick and bleeding person.

The events of the Weekend were fun as hell but at the same time about 3 times as many people showed up making it hard to rock our freak bikes they way they needed to be rocked. It was also a little disturbing as a drum circle began to infiltrate the playing field. But we still jousted, whiplashed, and 6 pack attacked like nobodies business. Great times with more to come. I just hope we can get just as buck wild foor Bury Your Bike.

Keep it Wheel

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slaughterama 7

LAdies and gentlemen, the time has come once again for the world to turn upside down, and the Zombies to head north on their second expedition to compete on the infamous Belle Isle for bike club glory in the 2010 Slaughterama. LAst year we came back bruised, battered, and more than our freak bikes were broken, but also the Zombie name was on the lips of many. So we are welding like fiends in preperation for this prestigious event. May we be on your minds, and may the legend grow of ZBBC.

-Keep it Wheel

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bury Your Bike: Behind The Scene

Were doing an all calls for participation in the 3rd annual Bury Your Bike coming Mid-April. If you want in on the ground floor for planning We will be gathering at zombie on sunday at 1pm. We need kids interested in promotion, scheduling, coming up with events, finding sponsors, making pamphlets, flyers and the list goes on. Come on down and mess around.

-Keep it wheel

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Midnight Mass Ressurected

So a few years ago a miss Amalie Remsen decided to pass out some fliers that suggested everyone grab their bikes and meet up at midnight for a rolling party around downtown. To no ones suprise it was awesome and people kept showing up each Thursday night for bike debauchery. Unfortunately when the cold winds begin to blow people decide to stay at the bar, watch T.V. or god forbid get a full nights sleep rather than taking advantage of the asphalt playground of Downtown. Now I can understand this hell I've decided to catch up on the latest episode of lost instead of riding in 28 degrees, but ladies and gents guess what the cold is gone and I think the people are ready to ride again. So, if you feel the urge which I know you do Come on up to the Cummer museum parking lot. WE roll at teh strike of 12:15 and we go till everyone has found their favorite pub for last call or hell maybe till the sun comes up.

-Keep it Wheel

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Porn! Bikes! Now thats what I call a good time.

Thank you so much to the Bikes Porn Crew that are spreading the good word. We had a blast last night laughing, singing, and gettin naked. It was a hell of a first event at the new space and it wont be the last. We wish the rev. Phil and his wily band of bike porn cohorts safe travels and can't wait to see them at Slaughterama. If you unfortunately missed all the action check out the pics at or

As it stands there is another Bike porn in the making, "Bike porn: 4 Play". If anyone dug what they saw the other night or if you missed it, but the concept holds you tight, they are accepting submissions until mid may.

-Keep it wheel and keep it sexy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bike Porn 3

Weve got the RevPhil coming down from Portland to show Bike Porn 3 a series of short films eroticizing the wonderful world of biking. This will also be the first event at the new zombie space. So come on down for a music a movie and a keg provided by the radness that is ZenCog.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Zombie Location 47 w 1st st 32206

Zombie Bikes has been in transition mode. About a month ago we found out that we lost the old BBB complex. Throughout a couple weeks of frantic searching Burro Bags and Royal Treatment records found a radd new location at the letter shop on Forsyth st. and Zombie is now rocking the corner of 1st and main in the back of the old Earl Horne janitorial supply building. This space is amazing and we look forward to putting on some wild events. Right now were getting reorganized but were hoping to have some regular hours up by the start of next month. IF you wanna help with the set up or start trainig as a volunteer mechanic, call Joe at 904 294 7744 and well get you in. See you soon.