Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slaughterama 7 Bikes, Bruises, and Booze

Once again I applaud the cutthroats on putting together another amazing Slaughterama. We played hard, we drank hard, we hurt hard. None of us harder that Ian who after taking a poorly cushioned Jousting pole to the head bled like a sieve, threatened to beat down the whole of Belle Isle, and then during a 6 hour stay in the E.R. Managed to make friends or enemies (it was hard to tell) with an old lady claiming to be crazy as a loon, A pregnant woman who only spoke spanish in which he felt the necessary word to repeat was punta, and every other sick and bleeding person.

The events of the Weekend were fun as hell but at the same time about 3 times as many people showed up making it hard to rock our freak bikes they way they needed to be rocked. It was also a little disturbing as a drum circle began to infiltrate the playing field. But we still jousted, whiplashed, and 6 pack attacked like nobodies business. Great times with more to come. I just hope we can get just as buck wild foor Bury Your Bike.

Keep it Wheel

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