Thursday, March 25, 2010

Midnight Mass Ressurected

So a few years ago a miss Amalie Remsen decided to pass out some fliers that suggested everyone grab their bikes and meet up at midnight for a rolling party around downtown. To no ones suprise it was awesome and people kept showing up each Thursday night for bike debauchery. Unfortunately when the cold winds begin to blow people decide to stay at the bar, watch T.V. or god forbid get a full nights sleep rather than taking advantage of the asphalt playground of Downtown. Now I can understand this hell I've decided to catch up on the latest episode of lost instead of riding in 28 degrees, but ladies and gents guess what the cold is gone and I think the people are ready to ride again. So, if you feel the urge which I know you do Come on up to the Cummer museum parking lot. WE roll at teh strike of 12:15 and we go till everyone has found their favorite pub for last call or hell maybe till the sun comes up.

-Keep it Wheel

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