Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Zombie Location 47 w 1st st 32206

Zombie Bikes has been in transition mode. About a month ago we found out that we lost the old BBB complex. Throughout a couple weeks of frantic searching Burro Bags and Royal Treatment records found a radd new location at the letter shop on Forsyth st. and Zombie is now rocking the corner of 1st and main in the back of the old Earl Horne janitorial supply building. This space is amazing and we look forward to putting on some wild events. Right now were getting reorganized but were hoping to have some regular hours up by the start of next month. IF you wanna help with the set up or start trainig as a volunteer mechanic, call Joe at 904 294 7744 and well get you in. See you soon.

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Demeanor Designs said...

Hey, I'm very interested in getting with you guys to help build my bike and also interested in possible volunteer work. I've called the number and showed up at the new location two times last week and you guys are nothing short of impossible to a hold of. I'm a graphic designer and a new single-speed bike enthusiast. So if you guys could get a hold of me that would be great.

-Kirk Tsonos