Friday, October 24, 2008

October Rundown

This month has been pretty busy for us here at Zombie bikes. What with the Night Ride hosted by BikeJax, an amazing event Zombie was lucky enough to be a part of. A thousand cheers to Matt for hosting such a stellar success. It's hard work to organize this kind of event; one that brings together an array of artists, business owners, local craftsmen&women and bike enthusiasts and he deserves the biggest props. I regret that Zombie didn't get on the train earlier with helping plan and hope that we can be an even bigger part of Matt's next event.

Onto current events a la Zombie. We are working to get more concrete hours posted and will (all fingers crossed) have a regular schedule starting in November. We've hosted two movie nights this month; Pedal this past Wednesday and Quicksilver two weeks earlier. Both a success, although Pedal was made possible through thanks the help of Tom and his last minute projector grab. Movie nights will start to be a regular addition to our line up, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, so keep an eye out. However, our biggest upcoming event is going to be a sweet art show hosted at the shop, which I'll post more details about soon.

Zombie bikes will be open tomorrow, but Sunday I think its safe to say we'll all be out on the Zombie Walk.
Hours for the upcoming week will be:
Tuesday 4-8 and
Wednesday 12-4
possibly Thursday with unconfirmed afternoon hours

Friday, Saturday and Sunday most of us will be down in Gainesville for the Fest,

Happy Halloween!
<3 ZK

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