Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kid Workshops, LLC/Funds and 2/11 Workshop

As you might of heard from over at BikeJax and JaxScene, the Zombie Kids workshop went over really well at the downtown public library. Check out killer pics here (thanks Jenny!). While we may not be able to make it a monthly thing, we will be working on kids-friendly afternon workshops during the week at Zombie. Tentative day for this will be Tuesday, but give us a week for complete confirmation on that. Also, we had one of the adults come up to us afterwards and mentioned a boy scout troop coming by. This is an excellent idea! If anyone who reads this is friendly with local boy and girl scout groups (particularly Springfield-centric ones), please get them in contact with us!

For awhile Zombie Bikes has operated under the business liscenses of BBB's record shop and Quick Release Messenging. However, now that we've been doing more workshops and public events, its high time that we register under our own name. We'll be sending in our paperwork as an LLC the first of next week. Unfortunately, this is a little more than we predicted (125-155+), and will consume most of our savings. Sooooo if you have a bike in need of repair, we REALLY want you to come in soon! OR we are also interested in mirroring a certain SOPO fundraiser. We build you, or an interested business you know of, a home-made, Zombie Bikes original, welded-to-perfection bike rack. Not only will we do the welding, but also the installing for a mere $150+/- (we'll do more supply investigation). So tell me, where do YOU want to see a bike rack??

Finally, upcoming events:
Zombie Zines will be making an appearance at First Friday, tomorrow evening, in front of SteamWorks.

The next workshop/movie night is this upcoming Wednesday. We'll be showing the movie Breaking Away, a coming-of-age film about a cycling-obsessed teen and his trials and tribulations with life after graduation.

Sunday, 15th will be the next Women's Ride, and will get a bigger post closer to the date.. but mark your calendars now!

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