Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Busy

Phew, I'm not sure about any of you, but this spring has been and is continuing to be crazy busy. This upcoming weekend Zombie Bikes will have a booth at the Harvest of Hope fest hosted by a couple of the crew, so be sure to stop by w/ any quick repairs, sweet workshops or just to share a good conversation between sets. We might have some of the Zombie Zines up there, so be on the lookout.

Otherwise, if you haven't been up to shop recently, you might not have noticed a bigger, better volunteer base. Shoutouts to Corey, Willie, Bobby, KeShawn and Jeff. Thank-you for bringing so much more to the Zombie Co-op.

upcoming March dates:
March 11 = workshop/movie night
March 15 = Women's Ride (st. patrick themed)
March 18 = workshop/movie night
March 21 = SUPER FUN FEST (email, also there might be a myspace soon)

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