Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guerrilla Show! Pictures!

Tonight there's going to be a guerrilla acoustic show at riverwalk's ampitheatre. At 8pm meet us under the 95 bridge where the river walk starts in riverside to hear some amazing melodies from acoustic acts: Helios EYE, John Coleman, Jeff Roach, Zeke and Joe Gaskin.

Also don't forget about tomorrow's workshop and movie night.

and then click here for some pictures of Sunday Funday

and here's a sweet group pic a la feb fifteen's women's ride

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Upcoming Events

tomorrow (sunday feb 22) come out to zombie and get ready for some polo-playing, zine reading, beer drinking, bike fixing fun

the shop will be open all day (1 to late) for people to come in and use the tools or get a little guided repair. polo games will begin probably at around 2 and will continue until whenever. if you've never played its time to begin!

also this wednesday will be the shop movie night, we'll be seeing the movie rad, a sweet 80s bmx movie. for film synopsis go here -->http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091817/plotsummary

or just watch the trailer

and next month get ready for an awesome time with super fun fest '09

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zombie Zines

Zombie Zines now has its own blog and myspace at www.myspace.com/zombiezines

Monday, February 16, 2009


Sunday was the third women's ride, and quite possibly the best. We spent an hour cruising around avondale and riverside, and with such beautiful weather how could we not have a blast?? I'm not sure of our number this time, 20+/- (which included a group of amazing, supportive guys), but with such a mass we took over the main lane and while jacksonville has not, as of yet, been able to sustain a Critical Mass bike ride on a regular basis, I dare say we might have made an entrance. There was plenty of waving by pedestrians and other bikers as we became traffic.

I also want to take a chance to mention a semi-big event that is coming up pretty fast. For those unaware, I'm afraid there won't be a tangerine fest. With phillip the main driving force behind such an amazing event, no one has been able to quite step forward and fill the shoes he left behind.

HOWEVER, there will be a fest. Not quite a tangerine fest, but a community gathering none the less. March 21st will be the unveiling of the new Super Fun Fest. Super Fun Fest is an idea from a wide array of kids and will involve a bunch of people getting together and throwing everything we got into a bunch of free fun. There will be a Supercat Alleycat and there will also be a ton of workshops and free food, art and games.

So far in the works..
3v3 soccer tourney
baby plant giveaway
free t'shirt printing
(we make the screens, you bring the shirt and print yourself a beauty)
painting and chalk art
pinata making and breaking
bike maintenance workshop/set up
and hopefully a lot more, we need emails with ideas and anything YOU would want to see or learn or play

and then there are two other parts of this fest that we need a bunch of support and aide with
the really really free market
what this means, is that on your way to the park March 21st, grab a little box of things in your house that you don't need or use anymore. Maybe its a couple books, that blazer you never really fit into or a blender that you used back when you were on some smoothie diet. Whatever. You bring these extra things and we'll have booths set up where you can deposit what you don't need, and then peruse the other booths for things you might need. A huge swap of sorts! A lot of fun, and something everyone can get involve in!

we want a LOT of free food. We're talking a banquet. So if you've ever wanted to do food not bombs or cook with a bunch of people.. hit. us. up. We'll be raising money for cooking necessities with a couple bake sales at UNF, and then try to hit up hardcore for donated food.

While a couple Zombie people will be involved, the vast majority of planners are not zombie related, but still bike lovers. So please if you have any questions or comments email the group at jaxfest@gmail.com We really look forward to having fun and meeting more awesome people.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Women's Ride III

Come Ride Bikes! Make New Friends! Have Fun!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kid Workshops, LLC/Funds and 2/11 Workshop

As you might of heard from over at BikeJax and JaxScene, the Zombie Kids workshop went over really well at the downtown public library. Check out killer pics here (thanks Jenny!). While we may not be able to make it a monthly thing, we will be working on kids-friendly afternon workshops during the week at Zombie. Tentative day for this will be Tuesday, but give us a week for complete confirmation on that. Also, we had one of the adults come up to us afterwards and mentioned a boy scout troop coming by. This is an excellent idea! If anyone who reads this is friendly with local boy and girl scout groups (particularly Springfield-centric ones), please get them in contact with us!

For awhile Zombie Bikes has operated under the business liscenses of BBB's record shop and Quick Release Messenging. However, now that we've been doing more workshops and public events, its high time that we register under our own name. We'll be sending in our paperwork as an LLC the first of next week. Unfortunately, this is a little more than we predicted (125-155+), and will consume most of our savings. Sooooo if you have a bike in need of repair, we REALLY want you to come in soon! OR we are also interested in mirroring a certain SOPO fundraiser. We build you, or an interested business you know of, a home-made, Zombie Bikes original, welded-to-perfection bike rack. Not only will we do the welding, but also the installing for a mere $150+/- (we'll do more supply investigation). So tell me, where do YOU want to see a bike rack??

Finally, upcoming events:
Zombie Zines will be making an appearance at First Friday, tomorrow evening, in front of SteamWorks.

The next workshop/movie night is this upcoming Wednesday. We'll be showing the movie Breaking Away, a coming-of-age film about a cycling-obsessed teen and his trials and tribulations with life after graduation.

Sunday, 15th will be the next Women's Ride, and will get a bigger post closer to the date.. but mark your calendars now!