Monday, December 8, 2008

schedules and bikes to be painted

alright, so far, the december schedule is going to be a little rough
definite days that we will be open are
Monday 11-late
Friday 1-5
Saturday 1-5

we still have some frames up for painting for the upcoming BBB, just head on up, if somebody at Zombie isn't here, go next door and the Burro Boys will help you out! Doesn't matter if you're an artist or just a dabbler, deadline to get it back is going to be the week of december 15th.

and we will be watching the movie Dark Days wednesday night at the shop!
8pm sharp!

hey all,

we still have two frames available to be painted by local artists or just those who like to dabble, deadline to have them back is going to be the week of the 15th

lastly, check out our myspace at
for some new photos of a recent field trip from a nearby afterschool program
and bike polo shots via Tisa

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mwkmwk said...

I may be able to volunteer if you need me. My school schedule is a lot more open now, the only thing is my new job.