Thursday, December 25, 2008

holidaze update

Happy Holidays!

a big thank you to everyone who came out for the BBB Warehouse event!
Check out pictures here and here

and for some really good news, we were able to renew our lease for another year. Another year of low overhead, another year of great opportunity.

We've had some great events this past year, and you can be sure that we're going to be doing even more in 2009. Every week, we're meeting more people who're looking to get more involved as well as being introduced to people who're already doing some great stuff around town.

Upcoming News...

Bicycle Workshops!
Thanks to demand, there is one already scheduled for early January, which will include things such as what to look for in a quick check and some basic mechanics. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer mechanic, or just want to join in on a workshop email us at and we will work on getting a second workshop organized in the upcoming month.

January Movie Nights and Women's Ride part deux!
Come Out and Have Fun!

On January 23 through the 25, several of us will be heading to Atlanta to take part in Bike!Bike!, a regional gathering of bike shop members. Besides these dates, Zombie will have the following regular weekend hours: Friday afternoon, Saturday 1-5 and Sunday 1-5. Weekday hours will be a little more fluctuating, but count on someone being around tuesday and thursday afternoons.

Finally, look forward to Zombie Bikes hosting (what will start off as) a small zine distro. We've got some zines coming in, some racks need to be built and details need to be finished. But I'm hoping we will be able to pick up the radical literature outlet that was lost when heartworks and intertia closed their doors. If you write a zine, or know someone who does, again email us with the lowdown, we want to push good local stuff (and not just here, if you're local and you're good, we will support you when we go out of town for things such as bike!bike! and various other polo/alleycat/bike events).

come visit us!

hugs and kisses
from the ZBBC

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