Tuesday, January 20, 2009

happy post-mlk day!

Sorry about the procrastination, but I finally have some Women's Ride II pictures up here. Again, huge thanks to everyone who supported and/or came out! The next ride will most likely be Feb. 15th, but may change depending on a certain out of town trip.

I'm afraid this weekend might be kind of dead at Zombie Bikes. Joe and Cherri will be heading out to Bike! Bike! in Atlanta (this event brings together bike co-op members around the southeast and provides think-tanks and workshops galore). Brandon's going to Gainesville to interview with a certain bike builder, so wish him the best of luck!
However, Bert ought to be at the shop Sunday afternoon, so if you do find yourself in the need of a little Zombie affection stop by then! Also, we have a new regular volunteer, Mark, who'll be doing Wednesdays and some Saturday afternoons, and a somewhat-new, semi-regular volunteer, Davey.

PS An early reminder, but next Wednesday, JAN 28th will be the next workshop/movie date!
workshop will be 5:30-7:30
and movie begins at 8:30, this scheduled one being Bomb It!, a film about graffiti and the history of street art.

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