Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week Recap and Midnight Mass Anniversary

We've had a great turnout this past week at our various events, and we owe some thanks. A huge thank-you to everyone who came out to Sunday afternoon's Women's Ride, including those who came just to see us off in support. We had a group of 28/30 women, sporting everything from tricked out cruisers to road bikes. At first I thought the rain might affect our turnout, but after drinks at Starlight, the clouds cleared for a great day. We did a quick stop at La Nop, followed by rides through downtown and back to riverside. As soon as someone posts up their pics, I'll repost here! Thanks again everyone!

Wednesday's workshop and movie night was also a great success. It was refreshing to see a lot of new faces, coming out despite the cold, proving there is a want for such options. For those who missed out, no worries we think this will become a staple Zombie event. A huge thanks to everyone who has mentioned our happenings in their blogs, including Jack, BikeJax, Tom P., Biggie Tea and Urban Jacksonville.

Tonight celebrates Midnight Mass' four year anniversary. For of those of you who aren't in the know, midnight mass is an urban bike ride that was started on a whim and has grown to become a weekly hang out bike ride. The meet up is Thursday nights at midnight at the Cummer Museum and involves stops at various local bars. In celebration of the rides' fourth year, we're going to have a shindig at Springfield's Shantytown Pub. Local psychobilly band (that never plays enough), Devil Runs the Truckstop, will be performing at 8pm along with elevated hip hop experience. Afterwards there'll be a ride out to the Cummer for the midnight ride. If you think you're not quite ready to brave a bike ride in tonight's freeze, come out to the earlier party at Shantytown and share drinks and music.


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