Thursday, April 2, 2009


alright big things coming up this weekend/week for the bike and community lover in you

first off, here's that flyer I promised you ----->

second, this Saturday marks the start of the Riverside Arts Market. With the beginning of this weekly cultural amazingness, BikeJax will be hosting a bike valet service, check out what he's got planned here.

Then, Sunday we're going to have a litte bar-b-que for all of us who weren't able to attend Slaugterama this year (which by the way, wish good times on the kids that are reppin' us in Richmond this weekend). But come out Sunday afternoon from 2o'clock and on we'll be cooking some delic food and playing bike polo.

If you can't make it Sunday for polo, we'll be having our second beginner night Tuesday startin' at 7.

And then--oh my so many events this week--we'll be having a movie night Wednesday featuring the Triplets of Belleville. Movie starts at 8:30, come earlier for an open workshop 6:30 to movie time.


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mwkmwk said...

I'll be there around 5:30 if shit is still happening.