Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In case you still haven't heard..

Bury Your Bike II is coming up fast!! As in two weekends!!

also, there's two good bike forums up and running that art jacksonville centric.

One has only recently been started by a couple of UNF kids. Their purpose is to network with other bikers in the area, and to get some good rides and maybe in and out of town events happening. I think this is great as we know all too well that kids on bikes get bad reps. Especially, by people who are quick to label every person on a fixed gear a hipster or some kind of elitist. This can be rather infuriating, when really how does it matter? People. are. biking. How can you hate on somebody who is out there getting exercising and doing something that they love? How does it affect you if one person wants to nail down a trick while another wants to build the biggest fucking tall bike of all time?

Sorry, anyways props to people out there trying to network in this city where its so easy to criticize, check out the forum at http://904fixed.proboards.com/

the other forum is located at http://bikejax.forumotion.net/ and is a bit more broader in scope but still very Jacksonville pumped


.mike said...

thanks for an awesome weekend!
pics and more here: http://mikemalley.net/mxc/?p=55

JEROMEy said...

ZBBC! ORLANDO hang a great time guys love you ....