Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bury Your Bike 2

So, we pulled it off. Bury Your Bike 2 was a blast and we want to thank everyone for participating.

For those who didn't get a chance to make it out here is a quick rundown.

Friday was a great start, we had an awesome turn out for the Critical mass. Cruising through Downtown and into Riverside, claiming the five points light and the rest of Jax. From Riverside we rolled over to the Spiral where the forty foot beer bong and Talk Sick Earth awaited. After an amazing hour of rocking out and a few games of foot down the procession ended at Shantytown for an epic Bike Pile and bands, bands, bands.

Saturday is when things really got rolling six pack attack, zombie hunt, Bangarang. When the sun went down things got crazy. For everyone that Hopped onto a tall bike for jousting, Your the Shit. Some got bloody most got hurt everyone had fun, then we danced through the night to the likes of Heavy Flow, and Biking Viking.

Sunday closed out with a few rounds of Polo and some BBQ over at Shanty.

This was a blast for us up at Zombie we hope everyone that made it had as much fun as we did. IF you missed it don't worry we will be back next next year and before then there will be many fun gatherings.

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